Dilan Uluc

Sales Supervisor 


As Dilan Uluc points out, Loyal Customers Flow Naturally from Service-Oriented Salespeople. Says Using a single simple idea, Dilan Uluc, a seasoned sales manager, consistently increases income and sales. Your customers will keep coming back for more if you provide them the best service they've ever had. When it comes to retail sales, Dilan Uluc uses this approach to his advantage. We'll talk more about Dilan Uluc's service philosophy later, but for now, let her speak a few words about herself. Dilan Uluc has a lot to say about himself based on this fact alone. Two years ago and two years before that, she's dealt with retail's fast-paced climate head-on. Like everyone who has worked in retail for the past four years, she has dealt with the individual requirements of every client who goes through the door, and has done it under the most difficult conditions of most people's lifetimes. When a floor salesperson says, "I'll have to ask my supervisor," Dilan is the one they go to for complicated customer difficulties.